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          0769-8285197424-hour customized Hotline
          Authoritative certification

          Authoritative certification

          Products passed UL, CQC, KC, PSE authoritative certificationes



          With an area of 7,000 square meters, more than 260 employees and an annual output of more than 10 million

          Quick Customization

          Quick Customization

          Provide solutions within 24 hours and samples within a week

          Prodouct Guarantee

          Prodouct Guarantee

          Global Product Liability Insurance, Maximum Compensation for a Single Accident of US$1million

          Product Center

          Product Center友飛翔產品中心Product Center

          0769-8285197424-hour customized Hotline

          Customization case10 years of focus only to provide more professional battery customization solutions

          【 Smart POS machine polymer lithium battery customization 】

          【 Smart POS machine polymer lithium battery customization 】

          Battery Shape: Prismatic cell

          Battery Type: Polymer Lithium Battery Customization

          Customized requirements:Enhance the safety performance; Reasonably increase the volume of intercom battery compartment

          Customized products:Reasonable enlargement of battery space design and use of nanotubes to increase energy density will double the talk time of intercom.

          View detailscustom made >

          Four GuaranteesNational Standard Setters and Participants in Battery Industry


          10 Years'Lithium Battery Production Experience
          Professional and E...

          With independent laboratory and testing centers, more than 20 patents are being applied for

          Salesmen have more than years of battery work experience, and can effectively serve customers

          Ten years'experience in engineering, management ...


          56 inspection procedures for incoming and outgoing goods < br />Layer-...

          IQC: Battery Raw Material Testing; IPQC: Perfect Battery Process Control OQC: Automatically Testing Quality Before Shipment
          Electrical Performance Testing Center: equipped with high-precision Xinwei battery testing equipment, Tester series protective board tester, secondary elements, etc.

          Capacity < br /> Advantage

          The total plant area has reached more than 7000 square meters.

          The existing staff of more than 260 people, lithium battery professional automatic production line, hot pressing process, automatic positive and negative electrode production line, large-scale production
          Equipped with on-site engineers to continuously improve production efficiency and experie...

          Efficiency < br /> Advantage

          Efficient service to more than 1000 customers < br /> High-end markets...

          Pre-sale: Provide all-round docking service within 1 hours, free design within 4 hours
          Pre-sale: professional sales engineer docking, one-to-one professional guidance services
          After-sales: All products are guaranteed for one year, with Ping An Insurance


          Customer WitnessEighteen years of hard work, thanks for you

          Most polymer lithium batteries have been certified by KC and have won unanimous praise from Korean customers.

          Most polymer lithium batteries have been certified by KC and have won unanimous praise from Korean customers.General Manager of a well-known beauty equipment company in Kore

          Our company's cosmetology products are well known in Korea and even around the world. The requirements of battery safety...

          Cooperative partnerEighteen years of hard work, thanks for you

          Entering UFine Technology

          Ufine introduction

          友飛翔技術有限公司是一家集研發、設計、生產和Pack一體的綜合性鋰電池生產廠家,公司有常規軟包聚合物鋰電池生產基地和電池Pack生產基地各一處,共計7000多平米,年生產電芯4000萬只,坐落在中國最美小鎮——清溪鎮,距離叢莞深高速樟木頭南站出口400米。公司有多名十年以上專業從事鋰電池工藝研發設計、鋰電池保護電路開發經驗的工程師,在聚合物鋰電池、高倍率鋰電池、高電壓電池、磷酸鐵鋰特殊材料鋰電池的生產制造上形成自己獨有的特色,高效專業的為客戶提供差異化、個性化定制的優質鋰電池產品,成為國內外眾多 details

          Understanding Ufine corporate culture

          Information CenterFocus on Friends Flying Micro-Signals to Learn More about Batteries


          Corporate dynamics

          Industry News

          Industry News

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